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Whitetail Law: Days off were meant for tearing up the slopes

Whitetail Law: Days Off Were Meant For Tearing Up The Slopes

Don't wast your days off lounging around. They were meant for tearing up the slopes. Come out and join the fun at Whitetail today.


Adult Learning Progrmas

Adult Learning

Whether you have never stepped foot on snow or you are a seasoned veteran...Whitetail has a learning program to suit your style and experience level. Click to check out all of our adult learning programs and choose the best one for you!
Own The Mountain Program

Own The Mountain

Learn To Ski and Get Your Own FREE Set of Skis For Just $349.00!

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Take a break from classes and prices!

Learn To Thursday

January is National Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month! $49 THURSDAYS FOR AGES 8 AND UP! BEGINNING JANUARY 5, 2017...