Equipment Rentals

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Whitetail Ski and Ride School
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Ski Rental Equipment



The first pieces of equipment you are issued are your ski boots. The rental technician will need to know your shoe size to assure that your boots fit properly. Your boots should feel snug around your foot, but not tight. Once buckled, you should be able to wiggle your toes, but your heel should not move when you pull up on it. If your boots feel too loose or too tight, please do not hesitate to ask for a different size!


Next, you will receive your skis. The skis at Whitetail Resort are shaped skis, which mean they have a very deep sidecut which makes the skis easier to turn. You will also notice that your skis are quite short. This is perfect for learning.


On the top of your skis you will find the bindings. The bindings not only hold your feet to the skis, but they also automatically release if you fall. A binding technician will set your bindings based on your weight, height, age, and ability level. Please be as accurate as possible to assure the proper settings. You will also be issued ski poles, which are used for balance and also aid in moving you forward.

Making The Connection

Once you are out on the snow, your instructor will show you how to use your bindings to attach your skis to your feet. By placing the little ledge on the front of your boot under the front binding piece (called the toe piece), line up your heel and press down. To get out, you simply press down on the lever in the back with your ski pole. If your ski comes off during skiing, the ski brake will stop it from continuing down the hill without you.

Snowboard Rental Equipment


Our Burton Learn to Ride System will have you learning to turn in no time. This fleet of boards is the most innovative beginner equipment on the market, due to its soft core flex design and side bevel—perfect for making the first few turns.

The Board

Snowboards are similar to skis except they are much wider, and you only get one of them. They have a sidecut just like skis, and turn the same way a ski turns.


Snowboard bindings have one big difference from ski bindings; they don't release. Once your feet are in, they will stay there. Getting in your snowboard bindings is easier than ever with Burton's strap-in bindings.

Making The Connection

  • STEP ONE ~ Line the back of your boot up to the base of the binding and guide the straps through each clasp.
  • STEP TWO ~ Tighten it down until it is snug against your foot and ankle. When strapping into your board before you get on the lift, it is only necessary to strap in your front foot in the binding. You'll use your back foot to guide yourself to the lift, and strap it in once you get off the lift at the top of the hill.
  • STEP THREE ~ To release, pull up on the lever of the rachet and the strap will be free to come loose.